Performance and Scalability Consulting

Performance and scalability is a problem of every medium to large sized enterprise.

Our Architect(s) having over 20 years
of experience with exposure to 100s of application for design and best practices review. We optimized the performance of terabytes of data for various clients.

Common reasons of performance degradation

⦁ Too many roundtrips 

There is acute difference in data binding at Server side and databinding at Client Side. You have to decide what architecture you should chose.

There are essential roundtrips to server when browsers have to download every resource (JavaScript, CSS, images, etc) in a webpage; they require many network roundtrips to the server.

Few Roundtrips may also happen due to bad developer logic especially when you are working with ASP.NET MVC and Client side rendering.

Inefficient usage of Data Caching 

⦁ Data update and retrieval inefficiencies

Inefficient queries, indexing, and many other SQL Server Performance Tuning strategies can radically enhance performance

⦁ Too much data transferred (payload) 

A web page renders properly only after all its associated data has been downloaded. When bandwidth is limited, download times suffer and page performance decreases.

⦁ Inefficient repeat views and flows through web applications

We inspect and implement the proper usage of Data Cache and Web Server Cache.

⦁ Pages don’t use the browser’s rendering capabilities to full potential 

The order in which a browser loads resources into a webpage is critical to the speed at which a page starts to render and become fully visible to the user.

⦁ Servers working too hard

Before you throw more hardware as a band aid, allow us to look at your IIS App Pool settings, use of Session State, and server side-caching techniques.

⦁ ASP.NET View State

Do a “View Source” on your pages and see how large your payload is for View State.

We adopt the following strategy to optimize your application

  •  Our Architect(s) work closely with your development and QA teams to identify the hotspot areas and understand the application functionality.
  •  We perform minor code refactoring to reduce round trips. In extreme cases, we might advise reengineering of entire hotspot area
  • We also perform minor code refactoring to fix common code issues identified by automated static code analysis tools like Resharper or SonaQube
  •  We optimize Database queries, which are usually the sweat spot to optimize most performance issues in minimum time.
  •  We may propose design changes in extreme cases.
  •  We may also propose using of Cache according to your functional requirements
  •  We help your development team to understand development best practices by providing them on spot and targeted trainings.
  •  We may propose Sql Server and Web Server Farm features in case of very huge databases (multi-terabytes)