Design, Architecture, and Code Review

Top reason for Software project failure, delay or over budgeted is that Software team does not understand the requirements properly.

Architecture reflects the requirements and provides the basis for

Bad architecture, which is the result of mislead requirements; make the whole project suffer in subsequent software project stages. Moreover, result in massive rework and may lead to project failure. Rework may cost 25% to 300% of overall project cost estimates.

We have Architects with 20+ years of continuous software development experience who never let your project deviate from requirements and ensure the implementation of software development Industry best practices through regular design and code reviews.

Our Architect also ensure application security best practices must be adhered in the application code and deployments.

If you are starting a new project or facing the project delays and fearing the project failure, then we can help in all such scenarios.

Our Architect(s) will work closely with your requirements, design and development resources and make sure you should not face any further deviation. We are even more helpful in offshore onshore model, as our Architect(s) have lifetime experience working in offshore/onshore model.

We use manual, automated tools based code review techniques, and our review reports depict clear picture of your project situation.

Our Architect(s) will review the source of your application and help identify potential performance issues, bugs, design flaws, or any other type of issue.